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Leveraging the Hidden intelligence in your Leadership team
#1 Amazon Bestseller in Business & Investing

Leadership today is becoming a collective pursuit – not a solo performance. As an effective top team, you can create tremendous, long-lasting value. And yet, being in a leadership team is not easy. In fact, 80% of executives admit their leadership team is not as high performing as they know it can be.

In Unlock Leveraging the Hidden Intelligence in Your Leadership Team

Business coach, psychologist and team expert Rob Pyne explores the three types of intelligence your team needs to succeed, and how to build a leadership team which is smarter than the sum of its parts.

You’ll learn:  

How to build the foundations of a real team. How to surface the collective intelligence of your leaders. And how to turn your ideas into real-world results.


Who should read this book

You are a CEO, MD or Senior Leader. This book will help you create the conditions for your leadership team to succeed. It is also aimed at leadership team members, to help you understand and influence the dynamics in your leadership team.


What Readers Are Saying

PHD Media

‘Every leadership team in the country could learn something from this book. It’s full of clear ideas and practical solutions to the challenges that leadership teams face.’

Stephanie Douglas-Neal, General Manager

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