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Emerging Leaders



"Help your emerging leaders build wider relationships, drive bigger projects, and solve harder problems.”

Leadership does not come naturally to most people. It is a skill that needs defining and developing.


Defining leadership

Leadership consists of leading in three domains: strategy, projects and people.  Leadership requires three different types of intelligence.

  • EQ or Emotional Intelligence: to inform people & culture.

  • PQ or Practical Intelligence: to increase productivity.

  • IQ or Creative-Analytical Intelligence: to drive strategy and solve problems.

In the model you’ll see how these three types of intelligence combine to deliver intelligent collective action. And you’ll see the skills that underpin them.


Our program content is co-created with you because the requirements of leadership can vary across organizations and between functions.

Developing leadership

The program structure typically includes the following elements:


  1. 360 Assessment of current leadership skills and gaps

  2. Live leadership projects given to each leader to help them learn-on-the-job

  3. Self-leadership workshop to set their own leadership vision

  4. Leadership masterclasses – training in core elements including IQ (commercial acumen, strategy development, problem-solving); PQ (goal setting, productivity); EQ (leading people, team-building)

  5. 1-on-1 coaching sessions

  6. Post course assessment


Delivering results

In a case study with 12 participants over 6 months, we saw the key leadership skills of leading self, leading the people, leading the strategy and leading the work all show increases. Click here to read the case study.

Client Testimonials

These are some of the 50+ organisations I have worked with across media, finance, non-profit, professional services, sport, fmcg and more.

JCDecaux Australia New Zealand

Rob’s engaging and insightful style has helped my leadership team work together to create and roll out our strategy. His ideas and frameworks have helped us to collaborate, to do our best thinking, and to turn our ideas into concrete plans and real business impact.

Steve O’Connor, CEO

Ready to super-charge your Emerging Leaders?

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