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Is there too much in your boat?

I’ve been reading the Mutiny on the Bounty by Peter Fitzsimmons. Fletcher Christian deposed Captain Bligh somewhere near Tahiti, then turfed the captain out into the Bounty’s lifeboat – along with a group of loyalists.

One by one they all got into the boat until the boat’s gunnels were just 6 inches above the water. In the middle of the ocean. Against all odds, the dastardly captain Bligh managed to sail that tiny lifeboat for 46 days, over 4,000 miles to reach safety in Timor, with barely a cup of water and a bite of bread each day.

Right now, we have about 46 working days til the summer break, and I’m wondering how well your boat is sailing?

Do you have too many priorities packed in to your boat? Can you tip some of them over board? You’ll sail faster and more safely if you get rid of some projects.

Do you have enough sustenance to get you to the break without sinking? Or are you mentally exhausted? You will have a much more productive time if you regularly take care of your body and mind.

Do you know where you’re going and what’s important? Or are you just reacting to the local weather, storms and seas? Do you ask yourself every day, ‘what’s most important today, to get me to my destination?’

Doe this metaphor work for you, or how else would you describe your world, and how the next 3 month feels?

PS, if you are ever thinking of a mutiny, it didn’t work out that well for Christian. He endured a life of misery and depression, hidden on Pitcairn island, and was ultimately killed by one of his island mates in its own mutiny.

Is there too much in your boat?


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