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White Papers, Roadmaps, Diagnostics and Case Studies

I provide a series of resources that help leadership teams unlock their team intelligence.

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Decision Rights for Leadership teams

A guide to who, what and how

Organizations should be designed to make and implement decisions. In reality, the way decisions flow through organizations is often haphazard. Inconsistent, unclear processes can lead to slow, low quality decisions - and underwhelming business outcomes. A
2019 study revealed that 80% of executives report deficiencies with their organization's decision-making process. 

If you work on the “what, how and who” of decision-making – the decision rights & responsibilities – research shows this will support better, faster decisions and lead to demonstrably better business outcomes.

“Decision rights enable organizations to make and execute higher quality decisions more quickly”.


Leveraging the Hidden intelligence in your Leadership team

#1 Amazon Bestseller in Business & Investing

Leadership today is becoming a collective pursuit – not a solo performance. As an effective top team, you can create tremendous, long-lasting value. And yet, being in a leadership team is not easy. In fact, 80% of executives admit their leadership team is not as high performing as they know it can be.

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The 9 Habits of Effective Leadership Teams

A guide to building effective team behaviours

My research, and experience working with 50+ teams, reveals that teams need 3 types of intelligence to deliver results.
Emotional intelligence (EQ) builds connections and trust - so it’s a real team. Practical intelligence (PQ) makes sure
projects get planned and tracked properly – so you get real action. Creative-Analytical intelligence (IQ) is where you make sure you understand your industry sector better than your
competitors and develop step-change innovations.

The collective intelligence of the team is underpinned by discipline – and three types of habit.

The Team Intelligence 365 Day Roadmap

How to build a team that's smarter than the sum of its parts

If you want to build a team that is smarter than the sum of its parts, check out this one page summary of the 9 things you can do, and how to create a roadmap of weekly, quarterly and annual team check ins.

Team Intelligence Diagnostic

Find out your team's strengths and weaknesses

This survey can help you assess your team's intelligence in 3 areas: Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Practical Intelligence (PQ) and Analytical Intelligence (IQ). Download a copy and use it with your team. Or contact me to run the survey online and generate insights to workshop with your team.

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Leadership Team 2023 Blueprint

Forming your leadership team

You're in a new leadership role, or you've got a substantially new team. You need to set up your leadership team by answering foundational questions.

Who is in the leadership team?

Why does this team exist? For whom does it create value?

How will the team operate? How will we meet? What will we discuss?

What are the values that we aspire to? What are the minimum standards we expect?

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Leadership Team Quarterly Pitstops

Fixing your leadership team

You feel like your team members are siloed. When you get together as a team, it feels too operational. Some team members are too quiet. The team lacks trust and psychological safety.


When you see these type of issues, you need a reset. Have a pit stop, get off the race track for a day to reset the team.


You need to align on what a good leadership team looks like and what it does. Establish the strengths and weaknesses of this team. And make a plan to evolve how you work together.

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Strategic Planning

Simplicity is on the other side of complexity

It's time to develop a strategy. To lift up your gaze from the now and focus on the next. You want to capture the collective intelligence of your team and co-create the organisation's strategy. 


I facilitate leadership team's who want to build a strategy, develop goals and dashboards, and lay out project roadmaps for the future.

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Leadership Team Case Study

A stronger team

Every year I partner with six organisations across 12 months to support a transformation of their leadership team, strategy and culture. These partnerships are bespoke. They generally include

  • a commitment to team coaching with a quarterly "Pit Stop"

  • a period of strategy planning 

  • measuring the progress of the leadership team with my team diagnostic

  • one-on-one coaching for the leader and some of the leadership team

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