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Building Team Trust

If you have new people in your team or you have all been working remotely and lost that 'human connection', here is an exercise which will help. It's called My Personal Tree.

How does it work?

First, give people 20 minutes or so to complete their tree.

As the roots of the tree, get them to write down their values. I do this by showing them Shwarz's Universal Values Map and asking them to pick words by thinking about who they admire and why? And what they themselves are like when they are at their best.

For the trunk of the tree, add your top 5 strengths which you can get for free with a 10 minute self assessment at

For the branches, draw some pictures which represent your childhood, education, family, hobbies and career.

You can also add your goals as the sky; and your best bit of work in the place of the sun.

Second, get people to share their tree in small groups of 3 or 4. Five minutes for each person to talk about their life using the tree and bringing it to life with real stories.

Lastly, get the whole group together and have people tell each others' stories. For example, I might give a 2 minute summary of your life, and you might give a summary of Bobby's life.

At the end of the exercise, you will have deepened connection, built trust and laid the foundations for a good culture.

For a 100 second video on this, watch here.


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